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    26  + configuration (figure) [[BR]]
     26==== configuration (figure) ====
    2727   Hussam's slice will be pre-created and look like [[BR]][[Image(gemini.png,border=1)]]
    30  + summary of demo steps  [[BR]]
     30==== summary of demo steps ====
    3131   There will be two version of the demo due to state of the code being worked on. Hussam's version of the instrumentize will have all  code related to active measurement  installation, configuration disabled, where as Ezra's version of the same instrumentation script will have the active measurements with the AA Stuff enabled.[[BR]]
    33 ==== demo Plan ====
     33===== Demo Plan =====
    3434* A slice will be pre-created. [[BR]]
    35 * GN is loaded with a custom image called “GEMINI_GN”[[BR]]
    36 * All MP Nodes are loaded with a custom image called “GEMINI_MP” [[BR]]
     35  * GN is loaded with a custom image called “GEMINI_GN”[[BR]]
     36  * All MP Nodes are loaded with a custom image called “GEMINI_MP” [[BR]]
    3737* Show the scripts that comprise the whole instrumentize process[[BR]]
    3838* Start the Instrumentize Process [[BR]]
    39 * Start [[BR]]
    40 * Start [[BR]]
    42 Executing the demo: Hussam & Ezra
    44 ==== current interfaces to other entities, and message flows  (like “AA-workflow”) ====
     39  * Start [[BR]]
     40  * Start [[BR]]
     42'''Executing the demo: Hussam & Ezra'''
     44==== Current interfaces ====
     45[[Image(Gemini_instrumentize_passive.png)]] [[BR]]
    4546Both version of the instrumentation code will talk to the GENIDESKTOP Parser Service to obtain User information, Slice/Slice  Credential Information and Manifest information thus making the instrumentation process somewhat independent of the Control Frameworks. NO communication between AMs/SAs and the User's instrumentation code is required since this now the work of the Parser service. A Detailed list of the Parser API and its return values is provided in this document [attachment:ParserAPI.pdf]. [[BR]]
    47 ==== features available now (2/5) ====
     48==== Features available now (2/5) ====
    4849* All previous Passive data collection functionality still available.[[BR]]
    4950* Drupal CMS to display passive data collected on the GN available[[BR]]
    5051* Passive data archive to irods using GSI and proxy certs [[BR]]
    52 ==== features expected to be available by GEC16 (3/19) ====
     53==== Features expected to be available by GEC16 (3/19) ====
    5354* Convert Parser API backend to use OMNI inorder to make it compatible with different Control Frameworks and AMs[[BR]]
    5455* Add new Parser API call to allow the parser to store the AM list provided by the user. This is required since OMNI requires that user provide this list or else it polls every AM in its list obtained from the Clearing House, which would slow down the parser.[[BR]]
    56 ==== issues that need to be resolved before GEC16 (3/19) ====
     57==== Issues that need to be resolved before GEC16 (3/19) ====
    5758* Deploy and test the complete merged Active and Passive instrumentation code in the User Workspace and from the GeniDesktop.[[BR]]