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    9090 + summary of demo steps  [[BR]]
    92  + current interfaces to other entities, and message flows  (like “AA-workflow”) [[BR]]
     91    Depends on what sort of interfaces we have. The plan is to port the
     92    existing perfAdmin GUI to work with the new configuration in the new
     93    UNIS. If that happens we can do a similar demo to last time as far as
     94    how it looks. All the names of different tools should look a bit more
     95    streamlined since everything is going through blipp, and there is only
     96    one measurement store, but since most of the work has been on
     97    generalizing the backend code, the demo shouldn't change much.
     99    Now that the configuration structure has mostly settled, we can
     100    start working on interfaces to configure BLiPP. If we aren't able to
     101    port in time, the old tools are still available. It should also be
     102    pretty easy to write a quick client tool that can get and post new
     103    config from and to UNIS.
     105 + current interfaces to other entities, and message flows  (like “AA-workflow”) [[BR]]
     106    BLiPP interacts with UNIS and the MS through their well defined APIs,
     107    it doesn't expose any interface itself, although this might be
     108    something to think about in the future so that it can be commanded to
     109    reload config rather than waiting for it to poll UNIS. See figures above for details.
     111    Blipp does reload it's config file at the same time it reloads config
     112    from UNIS, so it can be reconfigured that way, but anything that's
     113    already in UNIS will override changes in the file.
    94115 + features available now (2/5) [[BR]]