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milestone 1c completion

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Priority: major Milestone: ORBIT: 1c provide reference implementations of extended OMF software to WiMAX project
Component: ORBIT Version: SPIRAL1
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From 1Q09 QSR:

Integrating OMF with WIMAX Basestation The GEC demonstration also included a preliminary integration with the Wimax project, by showing a video transmission over a Wimax link within the same experiment. We are now working to provide direct OMF interfaces to control basestation settings from OMF experiment scripts.

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From 2Q09 QSR:

The WiMAX basestation was integrated into the ORBIT network as shown in Fig 1. This setup enables full accessibility of both the RF and ASN portions of the basestation. In addition, we designed interfaces for two new OMF components: RF Aggregate Manager (Gridservice) and ASN Aggregate Manager (Gridservice) that will allow experimental end-users to access the features of the RF Module RF M(osdeuc)le (sec) Network Module RF Module (sec) ODU ASN Gateway R6 R3 (OMF) RF Gridsrv . (OMF) ASN Gridsrv . Instrumentation subnet Outdoor subnet WiMAX device and to control basestation settings from OMF experiment scripts. We created a reference implementation that allows access to RF parameters for each node that participates in the experiment and allows creation of virtual machines on the ASN aggregate manager (to support multiple simultaneous experiments).

From Marco Gruteser 9/15/09 email: We have designed interfaces for the aggregate managers and created a basic reference implementation that supports one of the interface functions -- to query status information for both of the grid services. They do call APIs on the RF module and ASN GW components, correct. The interfaces defined are extended interfaces of the aggregate managers, I would not consider them part of the core aggregate manager interface mandated by OMF. We did, however, identify some design changes that we plan to include in OMF to better support the slicing functions required under Wimax. This includes splitting aggregate managers into a manager and controller part, where a separate controller can be instantiated per slice. We plan to address this in YR 2 of OMF, consistent with the SOW that mentions slicing support in YR2.

d) These Aggr Mgrs represent the point where the WiMAX system is integrated into OMF.

But, it sounds like this software is being done as part of OMF project. Right? (The milestones were written assuming it would be done in WiMAX project)

If so, then when this software is completed, the ORBIT 1c milestone can be considered complete. Is the software completed, or at least at a first version?

I think the interpretation that these initial reference implementations were done under OMF is fine, as the OMF SOW also called for providing some initial implementations to the Wimax project. As mentioned above, a first version that supports status queries and interfaces with OMF is complete. They will be subsequently enhanced under the Wimax project to support all planned functions and allow control of the basestations.

e) Where does this Aggr Mgr software run? Where will this software be documented?

Both aggregate managers run on the ASN gateway machine at the moment (but could run on any other machine in the ORBIT control subnetwork). The source code is currently available on the OMF site.

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