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    111. Brief demo description
    3     Demo participants: Katherine Cameron, Richard Brooks
     3    Demo participants: Katherine Cameron, Ilker Ozcelik, Richard Brooks
    44    Affiliation: Clemson University
    68WiMAX is a growing 4G protocol. Through simulations, it has been shown that WiMAX system throughput is      sensitive to bandwidth contention parameters. ANOVA analysis of simulated DDoS attacks suggest that two parameters account for over 80% of the variance in system throughput. Using Rutgers University's ORBIT testbeds we are now examining the cross layer affects of these parameters on physical WiMAX systems. This work intends to verify software simulations and to test the fidelity of the ns-2 simulation for wireless systems. We will demonstrate our work to date in replicating these results with hardware-in-the-loop and provide analysis of the indoor and outdoor WiMAX networks that are part of ORBIT and used for our experiments. We will use a poster, slide presentation, and video demonstration to explore our research and how hardware experiments are conducted.
     10DDoS Detection:
     12In today’s world the Internet is an environment where people not only communicate but also share knowledge, do business, attend school, and even socialize. As a result of growing dependence on the Internet, one of the biggest concerns of Internet users is security. Unfortunately, the number of security incidents increases exponentially every year.
     13A Distributed Denial-of-Service attack (DDoS attack) disables network services to legitimate users by flooding them. The recent attacks on trusted financial websites, Mastercard and PayPal, are an example of the need for security against DDoS attacks. One of the major problems with Distributed Denial of Service attacks is how difficult it is to detect the source of the attack, because of the many components involved.
     14In this study, we will obtain the Internet traffic signature to use as background traffic in future experiments. By using the real background traffic we will investigate the effectiveness of theoretical DDoS Attack detection techniques on GENI.
    8162. List of equipment that will need AC connections (e.g. laptop, switch hardware prototype, monitor). (Just put in the     number of connections needed if your demo description already lists the equipment)
    32408. Number of posters (max size poster boards are 30" x 40")
    34     One
     42    Two
    36449. Description of any special requests (include any non-commercial network connectivity needs, projects you'd like to be located near, etc.)
    38     Co-location with Ilker Ozcelik, Clemson University, would be preferable. Can share a table or demo space with Ilker Ozcelik as well.
     46Combined demo: Katherine Cameron, Ilker Ozcelik of Richard Brooks' lab.