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need README, LICENSE files

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Priority: major Milestone: BGPMux: BGP Mux 0.1 sw release
Component: BGPMUX Version: SPIRAL1
Keywords: Cc: Aaron Falk


Waiting for necessary READMEs and LICENSE files, as described below. Two READMEs will be produced: one for developers and one for users. The user README will discuss how to access BGP feeds (based on this code) currently available from PSG.

We'd like a README.txt file with notes on hardware requirements,
installation instructions etc.  Doesn't need to be a polished user
document, but should be suitable for people with software
experience and a platform/environment similar to yours to be able
to make use of your software with some "expert-level" work on their
part.  Of course, I'm not sure if anyone has an environment exactly
like yours, given that I believe you are currently expecting to
talk to VINI nodes, so this may not exactly apply to you.

We will also need a license file (please call it LICENSE.txt) that
includes the wording of the GENI IP license and any other
license(s) that cover the release.  (Although no other licenses may
cover the work that GENI funds, it is possible you might include
software from other projects with different terms in your package,
which leads to the possibility of needing more than just the GENI

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Nick has indicated code will be available via https svn. Waiting for location, access to project svn repository.

comment:3 Changed 15 years ago by Aaron Falk

The current README version should be extended to include a) Quagga version information and other requirements to run a BGP-Mux (like, presumeably you need to have someone agree to give you an upstream BGP feed) and b) information on how to access and use the BGP feed you are running out of PSG net. I think this should be just a few sentences.

Since there is no code and all the configuration information appears in the README, the repository and license files are not relevant to this milestone (I think that won't be true for the other deliverables). Fix the readme, send it to me or update it on the wiki and we can consider this done.

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Nick posted a revised README with context. No code is being submitted for this deliverable.

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