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Priority: major Milestone: TIED: S2.e review S2.f milestone and revise if necessary
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TIED had a milestone S2E: Review S2.f milestone and revise if necessary. This note is intended to be the completion of that milestone.

"Project Management milestone: review milestone TIED: S2.f Demo TIED/ GENIAPI Experiment (Due 09/30/10) in the context of overall progress on the GENIAPI and conclusions from the design document above (milestone S2D), and revise 30 Sept. milestone if necessary."

We've done this review, and will leave the immediate Sept 30 milestone as is. To make a little extra progress in advancing the GENIAPI, we'll add one further work item to the list, as described below. If you wish we can revise the milestone to include this, but we're also happy to just do it.

A little further detail:

After the presentation and discussion of the GENIAPI work at GEC8, we completed a document describing some initial conclusions about the current state of the GENIAPI, it's ability to act as a target interface for TIED, and its ability to support and advance interoperability between different aggregates and control frameworks in general. That was our milestone S2.d "Preliminary design document for Unified/SFA (GENIAPI) plugin." The document is available from

The document outlined several open issues and limitations with the current GENIAPI that we thought limited its effectiveness as an interoperability framework at the moment, but was also positive about the possibilities going forward. In the document we called out some next steps and directions that we thought would most effectively make it stronger as both a TIED federation target and an interoperability framework.

After posting the document we engaged Tom Mitchell, Aaron Helsinger, and Josh Karlin in a discussion about it (at Tom's suggestion, we held off posting it to the CFWG list while this discussion got started, to clarify some places where he thought we were saying different things). So far this dicussion has included several email rounds and a teleconference on 18 Aug 2010 with Tom, Josh, Ted, and John. This was a great discussion, which included quite a lot of conversation about aligning different ideas about interoperability and how it should work, some specific next steps for the GENIAPI that Tom/BBN are planning and how those steps addressed some of the issues we raised, and ways we could work more closely together on advancing the GENIAPI and interoperability in general.

Based on all of this we've concluded that there are two near-term (before Sept 30) things we can do to advance the GENIAPI and its use both within TIED and more broadly.

  • First, we'll complete milestone S2F "Demo TIED/GENIAPI Experiment" as it stands. Our demo will show a federated experiment created by the TIED system, incorporating resources from both DETER and the !ProtoGENI aggregate, with the PG resources controlled and allocated using the GENIAPI AM exported by the Utah ProtoGENI installation. We expect to meet the milestone well before 30 Sep
  • Second, we'll use the additional time to investigate the GENIAPI issues in integrating PlanetLab resources into such an experiment. We plan to provide a report on the concrete issues we encounter in that investigation as well as suggestions (or code patches) for addressing them. The report is a deliverable, which we'll post and discuss with the BBN GENIAPI folks. We don't think that we can commit to demonstrating a three-way federation between DETER, GENIAPI- controlled ProtoGENI resources, and GENIAPI-controlled PlanetLab resources by the end of September, but we will describe exactly what technical issues stand in the way of this, and what further work is necessary to address them.

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We agree the milestone will be left as is, and appreciate your best efforts at actually accomplishing more than the required milestone item.

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