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ProtoGENI demo at GEC#6

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Component: PROTOGENI Version: SPIRAL1
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Note: This is a fairly complicated set of requirements - feel free to ask any questions you might have about it!

  1. Brief demo description

We will demonstrate the backbone that we have built with Internet2. Part of this demonstration will be connecting the demo room directly to the backbone: we will create a native layer 2 connection from the demo room to the Internet2 POPs that we have equipment in. We will run a non-IPv4 protocol on this network natively (likely IPv6).

Participants who have brought laptops will be invited to connect to this network. This will be done through a wired switch or a wireless access point, which we will provide.

We will also demonstrate tools for visualizing geographically distributed components and slices, using the APIs exported by our Aggregate Manager, Clearinghouse, and Slice Authorities.

  1. List of equipment that will need AC connections
  • 6 AC outlets (equipment listed elsewhere)
  1. Number of wired network connections (include required bandwidth if significant)
  • 3 "normal" wired Internet connections
  • 1 or 2 "special" network connections to be coordinated with our campus network (more details below)
  1. Number of wireless network connections (include required bandwidth if significant)
  • none (however, we will be running an access point of our own)
  1. Projector (y/n) (Bring your own projectors if feasible)
  • Two projectors
  1. Number of posters
  • One poster
  1. Number of static addresses
  • Three (to go along with the three "regular" wired Internet connections)
  1. Description of any special requests (e.g. VLANS to I2 backbone)

Full list of needs follows: (I've marked the particularly unusual ones with '*'s.)

  • 3 "normal" wired connections Internet connections (for two laptops and an access point)
  • * 1 wired connection - special, to be arranged with campus networking. We will need to coordinate at least a week in advance with the GPO and our campus networking people to select which port this will be, based on GPO-designed layout of demo room. (It's possible we might want a second special connection; if so, we'll arrange it in advance.)
  • 6 power outlets (2 laptops, one AP, one switch, one monitor, possibly one other device)
  • Table space for 2 laptops and one desktop
  • Projectors and screens for two laptops
  • One posterboard/easel
  • * Ethernet cables *in addition* to those for connections listed above: five Ethernet cables for participants to connect to the switch we will supply. These only need to be long enough to reach additional table space (see below)
  • * Additional table space: we will be encouraging people to connect their own laptops to this network, so they will need a working surface while they do this. We would like space for at least 3 people at a time to place laptops. It needs to be possible to run wires to this space from our "regular" table space, and this space needs to be in view of the poster. A few extra chairs to go along with this table space might be nice, if chairs are already being ordered for the reception.

Items of our own that we will be bringing:

  • AP (desktop PC)
  • Monitor and keyboard for AP
  • Switch

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Thanks for submitting the demo request. We are in the process of making arrangements for your demo. We will get back to you soon for a status update.

Thanks, GPO

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Based on Rob's comment in the demo meeting, we are placing SPP next to ProtoGENI table as they need to run an ethernet cable between them.

Thanks, GPO

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