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BGP-Mux demo

Reported by: Owned by: NIDHI
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Component: BGPMUX Version: SPIRAL1
Keywords: GEC6, demo Cc:


  1. Brief description.

BGP-Mux aggregate presents experiments with realistic upstream Internet peering. The demo will show how a researcher using ProtoGENI Flash Interface can instantiate experiments with upstream BGP sessions to real ISPs in Atlanta, Madison, and Princeton.

  1. List of equipment.

Poster stand, projector with a projecting screen, AC outlet for projector and for laptop, wired Internet connection, publicly route-able IP address.

  1. Number of wired connections.

One wired connection.

  1. Number of wireless connections.

No wireless connections.

  1. Projector.

Yes, projector is needed.

  1. Number of posters.

One poster.

  1. Number of static addresses.

One publicly route-able static IP address.

  1. Description of any special requests.

The static IP address must be from a public IP address space.

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Thanks for submitting the demo request. We are in the process of making arrangements for your demo. We will get back to you soon for a status update.

Thanks, GPO

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Are there any specific ports you want to be un-blocked in the Utah campus network (with simple firewall settings)? We will need to make that request in advance.

Thanks, GPO

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I need GRE IP protocol to go through. It is IP protocol 47 (e.g. TCP is 6, UDP is 17). Is that possible?


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We have submitted your requirement to Utah folks (also their IT department) and will update you as soon as we hear from them.

Thanks, GPO

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We have confirmed your special request for the ports. You are now, all set.

Thanks, GPO

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