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    1 From OMF Year 1 report, and email on 3/4/10:
    3 Support for wide‐area (L2) connectivity
    4 Early in the year, we worked with the NJEdge regional consortium to connect us to
    5 regional center MAGPI East (Philadelphia). As part of this process, we acquired
    6 dedicated fiber along the Route 1 corridor jointly with NJEdge. In the first half of the
    7 year the section of missing fiber link between the Rutgers Food Science building and the
    8 Route 1 fiber corridor (~1 mile) was installed and optical lambda service from NJEdge
    9 was provisioned. This created 1Gbps optical link between our current location (Rt. 1
    10 Technology Center, North Brunswick NJ) and carrier hotel (MagPI East) at 401 Broad
    11 Street in Philly on the 9th floor. The ION connection was not provisioned due to missing
    12 cross connect between I2 and MagPI. To avoid delays for other dependant deliverables,
    13 we used L2 tunneling protocol (L2TP) over the excess capacity of 400Mbps on Rutgers
    14 University's existing commodity feed to emulate expected L2 connectivity and
    15 implement wide area networking. This link was used for a variety of testing scenarios,
    16 including a single experiment with a mixture of individual resources on both ends of the
    17 tunnel (with experiment coordination from both ends of the tunnel over multicast
    18 traffic), running an aggregate manager for the resource on the opposite end of the
    19 tunnel and measurement collection across endpoints.
    20 We have successfully conducted a GEC demo that utilised L2 wide area network link
    21 from the New Jersey based ORBIT testbed to testbed facilities at NICTA in Sydney,
    22 Australia.