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schedule node installations

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HP ethernet switch delivery is late. Installation date for nodes will slip. Revised install dates will be posted after switch delivery.

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Just to set the record straight: the delays are not solely HP's fault, they've come from a number of different sources.

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The Washington D.C. node install data is expected to be August 19-21. Kansas and Salt Lake city nodes will be installed in early September, presuming all equipment ships to Bloomington no later than August 15. All dates are tentative but likely, pending committed installation tickets from I2.

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Rob Ricci reports equipment for the second node is in-hand in Salt Lake city. According to this 7/31 email from John DeHart, that equipment would be used for the Salt Lake City node, but would be shipped to IU first. Chris, please verify that this is the plan.

"After I get the updated configuration information (IP Addresses and VLAN ids) for the SALT node, I will reconfigure our SALT SPP node next week. Dave Zar is on vacation August 3rd through August 10th and I am on vacation the week of August 10th. I'll finish what I have to do and then Dave will put the finishing touches on it and get it ready to ship on August 11th or 12th. That should get it to IU by the 15th without any problem."

This makes Kansas the third install. HP equipment for the third node is expected to arrive in time for testing prior to 8/15 ship, but it is not yet in hand at Utah.

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See #162 and #173 for details on IP allocations, port availablity, and cable run list for first two node installations (WASH and SALT)

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Plans to install SALT the week of the 24th. KANS will likely occur on the week of Sept. 7th or later.

"So, it looks to me like the best thing might be to do SALT next week? This way, we can learn from any problems that might occur during the WASH install - we can make adjustments to the SALT nodes in time, and can delay shipping the KANS nodes until the end of the week so that we can make sure the WASH configuration worked out okay."

"If we are not to get the ProtoGENI Equipment for KANS this week it will likely mean we need to do the install the week of the Sept 7th or later."

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The KANS ProtoGENI equipment should ship tomorrow (Aug 20), and the SALT equipment can be ready by the time the installers come to Utah. So, we should be on schedule.

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Update from Christopher Small (at I2) on times. Looks like KANS will happen Sept. 3-4th and SALT is still on for the week of Sept. 7th. This is from a message on Aug. 20th:

I do have an update on install schedule. With us not getting the KANS ProtoGENI equipment until next week it seems better to study any problems with the WASH install and instead target the week of the 31st.

We shifted some of the other unrelated installs around and now have a window for the week of the 31st. The tentative plan is for KANS for Sept 3-4 and SALT the week of Sept 7th (probably early that week)

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KANS ProtoGENI hardware has arrived at I2 according to tracking info.

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SALT install will be Sept 2nd-4th and KANS will be the 9th-11th. The ProtoGENI equipment will be delivered by Utah to the SALT location on Monday or Tuesday afternoon before the install to give the installers more time.

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The installs were all completed on schedule.

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