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    1 We will provide demo to illustrate the current progress of our GENI-VIRO implementation progress using the GENI testbed. We will be using the OVS and SDN platform running on virtual machines running GENI nodes in one or multiple sites to run our current GENI-VIRO code. We will show set up a virtual network over GENI connecting with a local area network to demonstrate the capabilities of GENI-VIRO to handle host mobility and support resilient routing.
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     3This demo illustrates how the Virtual Id Routing (VIRO) protocol – a novel non-IP protocol – supports user and host mobility in today’s dynamic networks more easily than existing Internet technologies. Visit us if you are interested in learning more about VIRO routing protocol or want to see how VIRO supports user and host mobility.   
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     8The rapid growth in the number of computers, mobile devices, smart appliances and other machines connected to the internet today has increased the burden on the network substrate. Such rapid growth also expedited the need to address some of the well-known shortcomings of existing technologies. For instance, existing Internet Protocol (IP) and Ethernet-based network technologies offer poor support for handling host and user mobility, and cannot effectively handle network dynamics such as large failures pro-actively and seamlessly. As a novel “plug-&-play”, scalable, robust and name-space independent routing paradigm, VIRO is designed with two broad sets of goals: i) to support – with minimal manual configuration – (future) large, dynamic networks which connect tens or hundreds of thousands of diverse devices with rich physical topologies; and ii) to meet the high availability, robustness, mobility, manageability and security requirements of these networks and the services running on top of them. We have implemented and deployed VIRO in GENI using the SDN/OVS platform. Our demo shows how VIRO can seamlessly support host mobility and handle other network dynamics automatically. Besides supporting mobility, it is also easier to configure, manage and secure large enterprise and campus networks using VIRO.
     10To learn more about VIRO routing protocol and our GENI-VIRO project, please visit our project website:
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