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OpenGENI stitching advertisment should not use V3 URL, not supported by stitching

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The current stitching advertisement for GPO OG and Clemson OG uses the V3 AM URL, but V3 is not supported for stitching. This results in the stitching requests generating warning every time about the AM not supporting V3 and switching to V2:

09:38:32 WARNING : Requested API version 2, but AM 
uses version 3. Same aggregate talks API v2 at a different URL:

The current ad from the two sites:


<stitching lastUpdateTime="2014-10-03T12:17:31Z" xmlns="">
	<aggregate id="" url="">

Clemson OG:

<stitching lastUpdateTime="2014-10-03T12:16:47Z" xmlns="">
	<aggregate id="" url="">

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