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    66the lab. We are continuing these efforts in the third quarter. Code is being updated to the ViSE svn repository at
     9Per 7/31/09 report:
     11We have completed an initial research-grade implementation of sensor virtualization in Xen and released a
     12technical report that applies the approach to Pan-Tilt-Zoom video cameras. The technical report can be found on
     13the web at and is also attached
     14to this milestone report. As detailed in our quarterly status report we have faced challenges in applying the same
     15techniques to the Raymarine radars in the ViSE testbed because their drivers do not operate by default inside of
     16Xen’s domain-0 management domain. The problem affects other high-bandwidth I/O devices that use Xen, and
     17is being actively worked on in the Xen community. As these problems are worked out, we have transitioned to
     18using vservers as ViSE’s preferred virtualization technology, and developed vserver handlers for Orca. We are also
     19porting VSense to work with vservers as well as with Xen; its modular design makes this port straightforward. Our
     20demonstration at GEC5 in Seattle showed non-slivered VM access to radar control and data using vservers; once
     21we complete our port of VSense we will be able to support slivered access. A more detailed description of these
     22Xen, vservers, and sensors in ViSE is available in the quarter 2 quarterly report for ViSE.