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    77and provide any expertise required; we have also been consulting with the DOME project in integrating Orca into
    88their testbed.
     10Per report on 7/31/09:
     12ViSE is running the latest reference implementation of the Shirako/Orca codebase. Note that Milestone 1c
     13(completed February 1st, 2009) required ViSE to perform an initial integration of Shirako/Orca prior to an official
     14reference implementation being released. See that milestone for specific details related to the integration. Incorporating
     15the latest reference implementation required only minor (although tedious) code porting. Additionally, as a
     16result of the Orca-fest conference call on May 28th, the GENI Project Office and Cluster D set mini-milestones that
     17were not in the original Statement of Work. These milestones are related to Milestone 1e, since they involve the
     18particular instantiation of Orca that Cluster D will use. In particular, by June 15th, 2009, we upgraded our ORCA
     19actors to support secure SOAP messages. As part of this mini-milestone, Brian Lynn of the DOME project and
     20the ViSE project also setup a control plane server that will host the aggregate manager and portal servers for both
     21the DOME and ViSE projects. This server has the DNS name The server includes 4 network
     22interface cards: one connects to a gateway ViSE node on the CS department roof, one will connect to an Internet2
     23backbone site (via a VLAN), one connects to the public Internet, and one connects to an internal development
     24ViSE node. The installation of with the latest version of Orca means that we are well-prepared
     25to transition to using a remote Clearinghouse provided by RENCI.
     26During the Orca-fest and subsequent Cluster D meetings we set the milestone for shifting within the range of
     27August 15th, 2009 and September 1st, 2009. We are currently discussing with the Duke/RENCI Orca/Ben group
     28to complete this milestone in a few intermediary steps—-first moving the DOME and ViSE brokers to RENCI and
     29then incorporating them into the same Clearinghouse as the other Cluster D projects. Since we have already setup
     30and tested the latest implementation of Orca on, we are well-positioned to transition to a remote
     31Clearinghouse if provided by RENCI.