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Ticket Summary Owner Priority Milestone Component Version
#15 Add opt-in (not just user opt-in) to GENI glossary Matt Mathis minor GPO SPIRAL1
#345 Collaboration between GMOC and ORBIT major GMOC: S2.e Prototype S2 data sharing system GPO SPIRAL1
#19 Dependent on substrate provider input to capabilities catalog somebody minor DMEAS SPIRAL1
#176 Document plan for VLAN integration Srini Seetharaman major ENTGENI: S1.c Integrate EntGENI with GENI virtual ethernets GPO SPIRAL1
#664 ERM GEC9 Demo Request major ERM SPIRAL2
#153 Explain what GENI content will be incuded in the teacher education program and when. major TIED: S1.f Participate in NSF TRUST Science and Technology Center's teacher education program. TIED SPIRAL1
#467 GEC8 Demo Request: IMF major IMF SPIRAL2
#657 GEC9-Demo: SAC PlanetLab/Gateway for the interoperability of heterogeneous wireless clouds major PLANETLAB
#659 GEC 9 TIED Demo major TIED SPIRAL2
#570 GENICloud GEC 9 Demo Request- Plenary Session major GPO SPIRAL2
#1058 "global name 'extract_exception' is not defined" error reported for create sliver major I2AM SPIRAL5
#2 investigate VLAN connectivity to CMU major CMULAB SPIRAL1
#1199 ION aggregate project name of a certain lenght that include hypens will fail major STITCHING SPIRAL6
#1262 ION aggregate should support sitching request for `any` VLAN major STITCHING SPIRAL6
#1345 ION looses circuit status information over time somebody major STITCHING SPIRAL7
#652 KanseiGenie GEC9 DEMO major KANSEI SPIRAL2
#463 Kentucky GEC8 Demo Requirements major INSTOOLS SPIRAL2
#16 linked GENI ORCA/BEN wiki site has invalid certificate Ilia Baldine trivial ORCABEN SPIRAL1
#190 MAX outreach major GPO SPIRAL1
#1131 Measurements-initiated (on GIMI) OpenFlow flow setup against ping attacks major GIMI: S4.n.2 Develop use cases and best practices GPO SPIRAL6
#475 Measurement System Demo for UWisc Madison major MeasurementSys SPIRAL2
#1031 "No such site" error reported when new project is added to Stitching Compute Service (SCS) major I2AM SPIRAL5
#35 Obtain publicly-announceable GENI IP addresses major BGPMUX SPIRAL2
#400 OFNOX: S2.c Initial rough NOX API documentation major OFNOX: S2.c Initial rough NOX API documentation OFNOX SPIRAL2
#401 OFNOX: S2.d Release software that supports OpenFlow 1.0 configuration protocol, and NOX API V2 major OFNOX: S2.d Release software that supports OpenFlow 1.0 configuration protocol, and NOX API V2 OFNOX SPIRAL2
#618 OFNOX: S2.g Add support for multiple Openflow protocols Josh Smift major OFNOX: S2.g Add support for multiple Openflow protocols OFNOX SPIRAL2
#1227 On-Demand Emergency Streaming CANCELLED major GPO SPIRAL6
#575 OnTimeMeasure GEC9 Demo Request major ONTIME SPIRAL3
#1094 'Path Setup failed with error from PSSSetup' reported for I2/ION aggregate major I2AM SPIRAL5
#65 Please add pointer to this documentation (or upload the document) to the GENI TIED web page. major TIED: S1.a Identify specific year 1 outreach communities. TIED SPIRAL1
#500 ProtoGENI node documentation pages need updating to reflect switchover from Infinera wave connections to I2 1 GE connections via Juniper switch major PROTOGENI SPIRAL2
#468 Raven GEC8 demo major RAVEN SPIRAL2
#898 Release gcf-1.6.2 major GPO SPIRAL4
#483 Request for sudo access on Salamis somebody major GPO SPIRAL2
#550 Security review of GpENI project. major GpENI: S2.m security GPO SPIRAL2
#1434 SightDeck major GPO SPIRAL7
#758 SPP Control Processor at SALT won't boot major SPP SPIRAL3
#250 SPP GPE Board failure at Salt Lake City Pop major SPP SPIRAL1
#86 Status update for task 6: Emulator user interface integration major CMU Lab: Emulator user interface integration CMULAB SPIRAL1
#1152 Tennesee State University poster major GPO SPIRAL6
#973 test ticket major GPO SPIRAL5
#1265 University of Kentucky Operations Monitoring major GPO SPIRAL6
#1205 Unknown internal failure reported by ION aggregate for complex topology major STITCHING SPIRAL6
#654 We are going to show the interoperability between the PrimoGENI@Miami aggregate and the PrimoGENI@Kyatera aggregate in Sao Paulo, Brazil. major PRIMOGENI SPIRAL3
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