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Ticket Summary Owner Priority Milestone Component Version
#14 unable to associate milestone with ticket major GPO SPIRAL1
#78 Temporary tunnels in use for CMU lab major CMU Lab: Get CMU ProtoGENI node on I2 VLAN GPO SPIRAL1
#81 Update CMU Milestone #1 major CMU Lab: desired node config & boot mgmt functionality GPO SPIRAL1
#83 Status of ticket major CMU Lab: Tunneling packets from Utah to CMU GPO SPIRAL1
#84 Duplicate task? major CMU Lab: IP-in-IP encap from CMU-Control to Homenet nodes GPO SPIRAL1
#104 milestone 1d completion major VISE SPIRAL1
#119 milestone 1c2 completion major KANSEI SPIRAL1
#121 milestone 1d2 completion major KANSEI SPIRAL1
#152 1outreach activites David Irwin major VISE SPIRAL1
#193 MAX connection over I2 to ProtoGENI major MAX SPIRAL1
#202 No carrier on ProtoGENI HP switch port A19 at I2 SALT major PROTOGENI SPIRAL1
#229 Create mailing list for new Instrumentation and Measurement Working Group major GPO SPIRAL2
#230 difficulty entering text into wiki major GPO SPIRAL1
#231 batch entry of milestones into wiki major GPO SPIRAL2
#244 log wg mail list passwords somebody major GPO SPIRAL2
#255 NetKarma White Paper major NETKARMA SPIRAL2
#258 Ops transition requires better ProtoGENI integration major BGPMUX SPIRAL2
#261 Milestone S2.a completion major VISE SPIRAL1
#262 Milestone S2.b completion major VISE SPIRAL2
#268 Milestone S2.b completion somebody major LEARN SPIRAL2
#274 SPP GPE Board failure at Washington DC Pop Vic Thomas major SPP SPIRAL1
#278 Gather ViSE release v1.x software major ViSE: S2.c Deliver first release of ViSE software VISE SPIRAL2
#293 Milestone S2.m completion David Irwin major VISE SPIRAL1
#298 Milestone S2.j completion major DOME SPIRAL1
#559 Please create GEC9 report link for Ticket Reports section on public geni wiki and remove GEC8 link major GPO SPIRAL2
#579 login account needed on somebody major GPO SPIRAL2
#623 OFNOX: S2.l Improve system and regression test support Josh Smift major OFNOX: S2.l Improve system and regression test support OFNOX SPIRAL2
#624 OFNOX: S2.m Publish feature list for 2011 releases Josh Smift major OFNOX: S2.m Publish feature list for 2011 releases OFNOX SPIRAL2
#683 Create mailing list: major GPO SPIRAL3
#764 Confirm expiration of all Plastic Slices MyPLC slivers somebody major GPO SPIRAL3
#767 Collect campus-wide measurements and generate coverage map major WIMXUCO: S3.e Demonstration at GEC11 and Experimenter Outreach GPO SPIRAL3
#768 Verify client connectivity and perform proof-of-concept throughput tests major WIMXUCO: S3.e Demonstration at GEC11 and Experimenter Outreach GPO SPIRAL3
#769 Update ASN-Gateway software to latest major WIMXUCO: S3.e Demonstration at GEC11 and Experimenter Outreach GPO SPIRAL3
#770 New git repository for nox controllers major GPO SPIRAL3
#785 Plan for GEC12 demos major GPO SPIRAL3
#846 Plan for GEC13 demos major GPO SPIRAL4
#890 Spiral 4 milestones to be imported into the wiki major GPO SPIRAL4
#902 Plan for GEC 14 demos major GPO SPIRAL4
#1041 Shutdown of stitched slice fails with non existing record at I2 aggregate major STITCHING SPIRAL5
#1050 SCS request RSpec option not implemented. major STITCHING SPIRAL5
#1059 No VLANs available on link (PCE_CREATE_FAILED) major I2AM SPIRAL5
#1102 test request major GPO SPIRAL5
#1106 Users with an Upper case letter in their username get an error major I2AM SPIRAL5
#1146 Access to WiMAX Developer pages major GPO SPIRAL6
#1246 request for GENI-VIRO demo at GEC20 Demo description paragraph (three sentence minimum): List of equipment that will need AC connections (e.g. laptop, switch, monitor): Just put in the number of connections needed if your demo description already lists equipment. Total number of wired network connections (sum standard IP and VLAN connections): Number of wired layer 2 VLANs (if any): Specify VLAN number, if known, approximate bandwidth, and whether tagged or untagged. Number of wireless network connections (include required bandwidth if significant): Number of static addresses needed (if any): Monitor (y/n, specify VGA or DVI): Specify resolution only if your software has resolution restrictions. Number of posters (max size poster boards are 30" x 40"): Special requests: Include any specific network connectivity needs (e.g. VLANs to a particular GENI location, projects you'd like to be near, etc.) major GPO SPIRAL6
#1251 pyOpenSSL requirement? somebody major GPO SPIRAL6
#1275 Sliver operations do not generate OESS circuit notification for longer project name major STITCHING SPIRAL6
#1361 To demonstrate a virtual reality surgical application being remotely operated with the aid of a redundancy server. major GPO SPIRAL7
#1363 Demonstration of a GENI based cyber physical test bed for advanced manufacturing test bed major GPO SPIRAL7
#1365 A cyber physical test bed for advanced manufacturing major GPO SPIRAL7
#1412 Test ticket -- please ignore major GPO SPIRAL7
#1429 Tele-microscopy for Education major GPO SPIRAL7
#1433 Entrypoint Solutions major GPO SPIRAL7
#1438 ARCCN: Key Research Findings major GPO SPIRAL7
#1447 The Gigabots major GPO SPIRAL7
#1461 SDN-based Flow Scheduling in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks major GPO SPIRAL7
#1493 A cyber physical test bed for advanced manufacturing somebody major GPO SPIRAL7
#27 Open SECARCH ticket doesn't show up under SECARCH milestone in Roadmap. minor GPO SPIRAL1
#222 New Milestone macro for trac wiki minor GPO SPIRAL2
#256 PlanetLab cluster mailing list on minor GPO SPIRAL2
#497 Need mailing list for gush-users. minor GPO SPIRAL2
#836 Milestone "lanetlab S2.e GEC8 demo" shows up in milestone pulldown list on public wiki and shouldn't minor lanetLab: S2.e GEC8 demo GPO SPIRAL3
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