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#150 fixed 1g milestone completion

From ViSE 2Q09 QSR on 6/30/09:

We had multiple phone meetings between the GENI project office and Rick Tuthill of UMass-Amherst OIT. As a result of these conversations, we believe it is possible to get a VLAN connection from to an Internet2 backbone site in Boston by October 1st, 2009. This VLAN connection would be used by both DOME and ViSE. We are currently working through this process. Ilia Baldine of the Orca project also introduced us to John Volbrecht of Internet2. John is interested in having a demo of ORCA using I2 as a transit provider (using I2’s DCN capability). We will be coordinating with John as we bring our Internet2 connection online.

#163 fixed 1out ORBIT outreach for year 1

ORBIT outreach for year 1: Contribute to GENI outreach plan by including undergraduate students from under-represented groups in the design and development activites.

From 6/29/09 review: Summer program in 2009 includes 9 undergraduate students inclduing 4 women working on various OMF related projects

#152 invalid 1outreach activites David Irwin

From 2Q09 QSR on 6/30/09:

We began our discussions with UPRM about integrating with their student radar testbed project. Jorge Trabal, the primary student working on the UPRM project, is located at UMass-Amherst for the summer. The testbed project at UPRM has the same origins as the ViSE testbed, and thus many of the components are the same. However, while ViSE is focused on the virtualization aspect of the testbed, the UPRM team is focused on improving the data provided by its radar. Thus, the two projects are complementary. We are discussing with Jorge the best way to leverage their improved radar data, as well as the potential for integration with ViSE in the future. We are planning a trip to UPRM in September to look at the site of their testbed and help setup point-to-point wireless links, in addition to our planned 3-day class in December or January.

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