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#861 fixed MySlice over SFA GUI demo

Brief demo description

Demo Participants: Andy Bavier, Princeton University

We will demonstrate a web-based resource management tool called MySlice, which makes it easy to list, filter and attach resources made available through PlanetLab’s SFA control framework, annotated with useful information from different monitoring sources (e.g., reliability and utilization over time, geographic and network location, and more).

Features of MySlice:

  • MySlice uses SFA’s delegation capabilities to permit an SFA client to run on a remote webserver.
  • Resources can be selected using measurement data gathered from a number of independent measurement and monitoring projects, including TopHat, CoMon, and SWORD

Elements of MySlice are already in use as part of the standard PlanetLab web interface, used by hundreds of users.

This work is a product of the international cooperation between Princeton University, the University of Tokyo, and UPMC Sorbonne Universites. It was funded in part by GENI’s “Understanding Federation” grant. It takes place in the context of the global PlanetLab federation involving PlanetLab Central, PlanetLab Europe, and PlanetLab Japan.

This work has also received support from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n°224263 - !OneLab2.

See for more information.

List of equipment you're bringing that will need AC connections 1 laptop

Number of wired network connections 1

Number of wireless network connections None

Number of static addresses None

Number of projectors 1

Number of monitors 1 if available (preferably VGA)

Number of posters 1

#878 fixed Syndicate demo
  1. Brief demo description (A few sentences suitable for a GEC13 attendee information page. See for examples.)

Syndicate is a distributed read-write filesystem which harnesses a CDN to deliver file data to a scalable number of readers. It provides the semantics of a traditional distributed filesystem, but by leveraging a CDN it decouples read performance from file persistence. This allows users to keep their data in Syndicate on the media of their choice without impacting aggregate read bandwidth. We will present a walk-through of the functionality Syndicate offers to users, and show how many readers spread across PlanetLab can concurrently read a large file from an origin server's USB stick by streaming the data through a CoBlitz CDN instance in VICCI.

  1. List of equipment that will need AC connections (e.g. laptop, switch hardware prototype, monitor). (Just put in the number of connections needed if your demo description already lists the equipment)

1 AC connection (laptop)

  1. Number of wired network connections (include required bandwidth if significant)

1 wired connection (just in case WiFi is flaky)

  1. Number of wireless network connections (include required bandwidth if significant)

1 wireless connection

  1. Number of static addresses needed (if any)


  1. Projector (y/n) (Bring your own projectors if feasible)

Yes; 1 projector

  1. Monitor (y/n, specify VGA or DVI) (Specify resolution only if your software has resolution restrictions.)

Yes; VGA

  1. Number of posters (max size poster boards are 30" x 40")


  1. Description of any special requests (include any non-commercial network connectivity needs, projects you'd like to be located near, etc.)


#1164 fixed Demo request SDN-Video-Orchestrator

Brief demo description

We will demonstrate Software-defined networking (SDN) controller orchestrated traffic engineering for video traffic. We will present an OpenFlow-enabled SDN architecture that works in tandem with MPEG-DASH to allow video clients to stream videos seamlessly. This work is an extension to our project titled “SDN based application for efficient video streaming”, which was the recipient of the Internet2 2013 Innovative Application Award. List of equipment that will need AC connections

2 laptops Number of wired network connections

2 Monitor

Y, DVI We would prefer to have a high-resolution monitor, since our demo includes streaming of high-resolution videos. Number of posters


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