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#28 fixed Request feedback on strawman operational dataset from PlanetLab

Schedule this topic for an upcoming PlanetLab/GPO meeting, as lack of requested feedback is currently blocking GMOC milestone progress. Please provide schedule and dialup information. GMOC has already distributed document and questionnaire to each control framework individually.

#458 fixed U Wisc OpenFlow demo

(from Aaron Gember

  1. Smartphones are becoming an important element of enterprise computing, but new applications are putting increased demands on limited hardware resources. We propose an offloading framework that takes advantage of local resources in enterprise networks to simultaneously address the resource, performance, and security demands of mobile applications. We demonstrate the application migration component of our in-progress offloading system prototype. An application is launched on a Google Android smartphone, then migrated to an idle desktop (laptop) over an OpenFlow network. We also demonstrate offloading applications to a remote cloud by offloading a running application from the smartphone to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus OpenFlow network.
  2. 3 AC connections total; 2 Laptops + 1 Wireless Router
  1. 2 wired network connections
  1. 1 wireless network connection
  1. No monitors or projectors
  1. 1 poster
  1. No static addresses
  1. No special requests
#846 invalid Plan for GEC13 demos

Gather/Cordinate demo needs and plans for demo night @ GEC 13

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