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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#1012 Expand the SCS wiki with basic design details new major MAXSCS
#1022 Support openflow controlled VLANs new major MAXSCS
#1023 Add a call to query the SCS for interconnected AMs new major MAXSCS
#1024 Support AM API v3 and negotiation new major MAXSCS
#1025 Require some form of authentication? assigned major MAXSCS
#1200 Preserve schemas in Manifest new major I2AM
#1207 Repeated AddPersonToSite errors new major I2AM
#1258 Limit reservations to slice expiration new major I2AM
#1259 SCS should detect bad Ads and skip them new major MAXSCS
#1348 Handle OSCARS transient states new major I2AM
#1033 SCS should implement Getversion assigned minor MAXSCS
#1453 AL2S and FOAM AMs are sensitive to case of RSpec type assigned minor STITCHING
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