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#947 LEARN: Interoperable Data Exchange for Real-Time SDN Configuration major GPO SPIRAL4 fixed
#1053 LEARN: GIMI measurements to detect ping attack major GPO SPIRAL5 fixed
#1060 LEARN: Software-defined distributed security major GPO SPIRAL5 fixed
#1063 LEARN: OFConfig Protocol: visualization of the management plane in OpenFlow/SDN networks major GPO SPIRAL5 fixed
#1081 LEARN: LINC as an OpenFlow capable virtual switch on GENI with OFConfig support major GPO SPIRAL5 fixed
#1087 LEARN: Split data plane (Dell SDP) application development environment using Cavium NPU major GPO SPIRAL5 fixed
#1121 LEARN: Split data plane (Dell SDP) and ExoGENI integration major GPO SPIRAL6 fixed
#1126 Distributed Software-Defined Security with Application Traffic Steering major GPO SPIRAL6 fixed
#1128 SDN Management Plane with Dynamic OpenFlow-capable Switch Resources major GPO SPIRAL6 fixed
#1129 Minimum Loss Resiliency for Fault-Tolerant Distributed OpenFlow-based Switches major GPO SPIRAL6 fixed
#1130 Novel IPv6 Addressing Scheme for SDN major GPO SPIRAL6 fixed
#1488 Network Troubleshooting with SDN Traceroute Protocol (SDNTrace) major GPO SPIRAL7 fixed
#791 I&M MDOD experimenter use case demo of IF-MAP in collaboration with Infoblox Josh Smift major LEARN SPIRAL3 fixed
#977 LEARN: Split data plane switch to enable an SDN Application Innovation Framework major LEARN SPIRAL5 fixed
#978 LEARN: OFConfig on GENI major LEARN SPIRAL5 fixed
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