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Ticket Summary Milestone Owner Status Priority Component
#77 Track veritical integration for Ciena switch GpENI: Delivery of component manager ICD for Ciena Core Director switch James Sterbenz, closed major GPENI
#245 contribute to GpENI outreach GpENI: Testbed available for limited external research somebody closed major GPO
#246 GpENI: S2.d access GpENI: S2.d access somebody closed major GPO
#247 update gpeni to latest geniwrapper GpENI: S2.a new geniwrapper somebody closed major GPO
#249 GpENI: S2.b study DCN in GpENI GpENI: S2.b study DCN in GpENI somebody closed major GPO
#550 Security review of GpENI project. GpENI: S2.m security closed major GPO
#735 GpENI GEC10 demo GpENI: S3.c GEC10 demo and outreach closed major GPENI
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