Milestone WIMXWAYNE: S4.a Demonstration at GEC12 and Experimenter Outreach

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  • Complete basic deployment plan for 3 WiMAX base stations in Year 1, including access facilities and switches, plus associated servers, to provide a multi-sector WiMAX network (three sectors total) in Metro Detroit.
  • Apply to the FCC for experimental license, or utilize existing campus Educational Broadband Services (EBS) license. [Note: Rutgers needs to know the frequency band you will be using by 11/30/11 so that they can pace the order for Airspan base station hardware; you should receive Airspan base station hardware from Rutgers by 1/31/12. (2510 Lo: 2496MHz to 2570MHz) OR (2510 Mid: 2560MHz to 2630MHz) OR (2510 Hi: 2620MHz to 2690MHz) OR (3650: 3650MHz to 3700MHz)]
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