Milestone WIMXUWI: S4.c Demonstration at GEC13 and Experimenter Outreach

12 years late (03/15/12 00:00:00)

  • Operate the WiMAX base station using OMF, and demonstrate access by users at multiple sites to experiments/applications over the GENI Internet 2 backbone.
  • Participate in GENI-wide experiments/applications, e.g, MobilityFirst.
  • Operate the WiMAX base station/mobile station using OMF/OML, to provide login access to local (and optionally remote) GENI experimenters.
  • Complete and demonstrate an advanced mobility and/or application experiment using OMF/OML, that fully utilizes WiMAX base station capabilities, plus the Mobile Access Router (MAR) as mobile station, and share with other projects/experimenters
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