Milestone ViSE: S1.b Field deployment of three sensor nodes

Completed 15 years ago (12/30/08 16:53:29)


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[M2] Field deployment of three sensor nodes; native non-virtualized drivers; software testing. (January 1st). Completed by December 30, 2008.

We have field deployed the nodes constructed in milestone 1b, and installed a base image that includes the 3.2 version of Xen as well as the appropriate drivers for each sensing device and wireless/wired card. Since the driver for the PCI9812 Adlink Data Acquisition Card did not run under recent versions of XenLinux (2.6.18) we modified the source of the driver to support these; additionally, we obtained the most recent driver from Adlink under a new NDA and are currently testing its compatibility with Xen in the lab. Additionally, since the development of the base image is a tedious process we heavily documented it on the ViSE Trac Web Site ( The documentation should prove useful to both the project, by preventing unnecessary work in replicating configurations/images, and users, by providing a detailed description of the node's foundational software layer (similar, in principle, to the Substrate Catalog for documenting GENI hardware). Additionally, we also set up an initial Trac web site and SVN repository for ViSE related software. The initial import into the SVN repository includes the drivers and firmware for the radar and a framework for developing Xen-compatible device drivers for each sensing device. In addition to installing the base image we have codified and documented appropriate settings for the wireless network card to communicate over long distances via 802.11b.

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