Milestone SPP: S3.a Demonstration and outreach at GEC9

Completed 14 years ago (11/05/10 14:59:45)

  • GEC-9 Demonstration. We will demonstrate dynamic configuration of an SPP fastpath based on signaling packets that originate from network endpoints. This requires that the fastpath intercept and redirect signalling messages to control software running on a general purpose server, and that the control software reserve resources and dynamically add or modify filters and queues in the SPP fastpath.
  • SPP Tutorial at GEC-9. We will provide a tutorial at GEC-9 for researchers interested in using the SPPs in experimental overlay networks. This will include background material on the system architecture, a detailed description of the user tools available for configuring SPPs, demonstrations of applications using the SPPs and a hands-on session.

Status: Did demo and tutorial at GEC.

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