Milestone ProvisioningService: Port Stork to GENI environment

Completed 13 years ago (05/04/09 22:49:35)

Port Stork to GENI environment.

The Stork repository now supports authentication via GENI GIDs as implemented by the GENIwrapper. This means that any GENI user with a valid GENI GID can log into the Stork repository and upload packages using his/her GENI GID rather than a PlanetLab login and password. This functionality is available via the Stork repository web UI on the prototype stork repository ( One caveat is that the GENIwrapper is not yet officially deployed, so the prototype repository uses a fake root public key to authenticate the GIDs. Once the GENIwrapper is deployed we will switch over to the real root public key and switch the prototype repository over to the production repository.

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