Milestone ProtoGENI.S2.f: Improved interfaces

Completed 14 years ago (05/30/10 18:03:08)


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Add improved interfaces for viewing operational state, history, and usage, and export at least a subset (including at least ProtoGENI component history and backbone link utilization) of these to other projects.

Status: Administrators of Emulab sites that have enabled ProtoGENI support now have two new views available to them on the web interface.

The first is "GENI Slices", which shows the GENI slices that are currently active at the local CM, SA, and Clearinghouse. Examining each slice gives the administrator the ability to view the creator, dates when the slice was created and expires, and the manifest for the slice. The slice page also allows the administrator to delete slivers on their local CM.

The second view is "GENI History", which presents historical information about slices that are not currently active. It includes the history of tickets issued by the CM, along with the dates they were active and the slice and user that the ticket was issued to.

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