Milestone ProtoGENI: S3.b Demonstration and Outreach at GEC10

Completed 13 years ago (03/17/11 16:42:58)

  • ION backend for link creation: add support to our link-creation tool to automatically create ION circuits on demand.
  • Demonstration of use of ProtoGENI for experimentation.
  • Provide tutorial material for use by other groups doing tutorials on ProtoGENI aggregates or services. {To be completed at least a month before the GEC.}
  • Support the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement.


  • We presented our map interface in the GEC demo session and status reports sessions, showing both ProtoGENI and PlanetLab resources.
  • We also made presentation materials that we had used for tutorials at other GECs to groups doing tutorials at GEC10. We did not produce new materials, as these groups founding the existing materials to be sufficient.
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