Milestone PlanetLab: complete integration of v0.2 sw into CF cluster aggregates

13 years late (09/01/09 00:00:00)

Deploy component and clearinghouse packages v0.2 in GENI testbed, and assist other groups and projects to *complete* integration with the following:

  • federation with other PlanetLab-related testbeds;
  • PlanetLab programmable host clusters;
  • VINI network;
  • specialized network nodes, paired with VINI PoPs;
  • enterprise access networks;
  • other enterprise elements, including host clusters, network nodes
  • and wireless access nodes;
  • researcher helper tools;
  • researcher helper tools;
  • extended programmable host nodes;
  • aggregate of optical networks, including connections to Internet2;
  • regional optical network, with programmable optical nodes;
  • overlay hosting network nodes;
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