Milestone PlanetLab: S3.b Prototype Clearinghouse via PLC Web site

Completed 11 years ago (03/17/11 11:29:57)

  • Prototype of PlanetLab Clearinghouse via PLC Web site. Includes documentation on how to use this Clearinghouse to obtain GENI experimenter credentials.
  • Mature desktop GUI for aggregates in PlanetLab cluster.
  • Support the GENI AM API on VICCI.


  • We haven't made progress on a Web GUI -- our focus has been on the desktop GUI I showed you. However, we have been working with ProtoGENI to implement the hooks needed by their Flash client GUI. Perhaps our best course of action is to figure out how we could provide access to their Flash GUI on the PlanetLab web site.
  • Desktop GUI: This is done. We will make a broad announcement of the Sface GUI to the PlanetLab community shortly.
  • GENI AM API on VICCI. Done.
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