Milestone PLFED: S4.a Support GENI CF related initiatives

Completed 10 years ago (11/05/11 07:02:59)

  • Federation: Participate in evaluation of the design of the GENI clearinghouse and the implications of federating with this clearinghouse. Present evaluation at GEC.
  • ABAC: Evaluate ABAC as the authorization mechanism for GENI and the implications of implementing ABAC in PlanetLab. Present evaluation at GEC.
  • Track and implement changes to the GENI AM API.
  • Sface: Demonstration of the use Sface to set up and run a GENI experiment that uses resources from PlanetLab and a ProtoGENI aggregate that implements the GENI AM API. Sface is capable of translating GENI Rspecs to PlanetLab Rspecs.
  • Start dialog with GENI rack teams to understand their needs related to integration with the PlanetLab CF..
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