Milestone PGTools: S3.c Read-Only mode for map interface

Completed 10 years ago (02/15/11 10:42:58)

  • Allow map interface to run in read-only mode for those without GENI experimenter credentials. Make some of the tools functionality (e.g. viewing the locations of components) available to anyone.

Status: There is now a "read only mode" for the map interface, which gives anyone an interactive veiw of GENI resources, without the need for an account at any GENI aggregate. This uses a set of advertisement RSpecs that are hosted on the ProtoGENI webserver, and which are updated nightly from all participating aggregates.

The map interface is able to run complete in "read only" mode, start read-only but include a "log in" button, or to present the user with a selection screen when it starts at to whether they want to run in authenticated or read-only mode.

We have made many more improvements to our map interface than anticipated when we set the milestones; see April 2011 report for more details.

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