Milestone OnTime: S2.e: OnTimeMeasure-GENI available to early experimenters

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OnTimeMeasure-GENI V1.0 software available to early experimenters.

  • Measurements scheduler software package with documentation will be developed that will perform centralized and distributed measurement orchestration and collection using various measurement tools in OnTimeMeasure-GENI testbed; software features will include: measurement conflict-avoidance, centralized scheduling using our EDF-CE algorithm [Calyam-RTSS], distributed scheduling using our enhanced Raymond algorithm [Calyam-TC], modified scheduling algorithms catering to network status sampling frequencies adopted in GENI or specified by users (e.g. periodic, probabilistic, adaptive), any necessary web-services (e.g. SOAP, XML, HTTP) integration to support measurement request/response schemas that initiate/check /terminate measurement status and move measurement datasets between databases, instrumented-nodes and users
  • User manual for configuring and using OnTimeMeasure-GENI
  • Deliver source code, documentation and database schemas
  • Support early experimenters

(Assumption: Measurement request/response schemas and related APIs are already defined and are available to use in the GENI facility for projects such as this to use and extend as required.)

Status: Software delivered. Luisa Nevers of the GPO is installing and testing the software (and documentation).

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