Milestone ORCABEN: S2.b Rel 2.2_1 ORCA code to projects

Completed 14 years ago (09/01/10 15:53:28)

Implement and provide release 2.2 of ORCA code to other Cluster D projects, including the following features: (6/1/10) 1) Better packaging 2: Simplified installation, config script auto-configuration, simple usability extensions, simplified certificate management. 2) Configuration manager 2: Flexible configuration manager capable of executing arbitrary sequences of configuration actions with complex control flows on complex substrates. Configuration commands can be created using either NDL toolkit or custom mechanisms. 3) External management interface 2: An extensible SOAP-based interface allowing ORCA to interface with management entities. e.g. GMOC. Providing GMOC capabilities to look at current slices and a STOP SLICE `button’. 4) Note: Additional release 2.2 features will be provided by ORCA augmentation project.

Now named: Bella 2.1

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