Milestone NETKARMA: S4.b Provenance system demo; I&M contributions

Completed 8 years ago (03/17/12 15:50:10)

  • Demonstration of the provenance system being used with a GENI experiment identified in Milestone 1. Written report (document or web page) on possible improvements to NetKarma to improve its utility and usability. We may have a person from the GPO repeat this experiment and evaluate NetKarma in the context of this experiment; provide reasonable support to this person.
  • For the above experiment, show how the measurement data object descriptor may be populated automatically to point to provenance information such as software scripts/programs used by the experiment and possibly information about the execution environment that you collect from the GMOC.
  • Written plan to work with a second experiment/experimenter for evaluation of the provenance system.
  • Work with the GENI I&M community to define a standardized GENI event records. These records describe events of interest to the experiment such as failures, assignment/release of resources, etc. Present an initial schema design at GEC13.

Status: Completed. See post GEC13 status report for details.

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