Milestone MILNGENI: S2.e Integrate with ProtoGENI

Completed 14 years ago (06/28/10 17:57:46)

Integrate with ProtoGENI so that calls to get resources & release resources work across both frameworks. This milestone is contingent on agreement with ProtoGENI of what the interface should be no later than Mar 1 2010.

Status: Delivered code (attached). Will be demo'ed at GEC8.

The beta version of the xmlrpc server for the protogeni integration is up and running at the address: . I've implemented the two calls CreateSliver() and DeleteSlice(). It is now ready to be tested with real users. So please let any potential user know that the server is ready to be used and I would appreciate it if any bugs or problems with the server is reported back to us. I've written a wiki page about the xmlrpc server and is located at:

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