Milestone MAX: S3.c: Demonstration and outreach at GEC10

Completed 13 years ago (03/17/11 13:44:23)

  • Demonstrate updated MAX Aggregate Manager design, functions, and user interface. This demonstration should include instantiation of GENI Experiment Topologies which crosses multiple GENI Aggregates.
  • Organize a workshop on network stitching in GENI. The objective of this workshop will be to discuss architecture and design alternatives for multi-aggregate network stitching in GENI. The target participation group is the GENI design and development community. The specific topics will be determined in consultation with the GPO and the larger community. The anticipated topics include: what is the GENI Network Stitching architecture and design? should this service be integrated natively into GENI AMs or as a higher level service built on top of the control framework? Who is responsible for implementing this service? How do users access the stitching services? What is the operational model for this service in terms of monitoring and troubleshooting? What is the current state of network stitching in GENI, and how do we evolve to a broadly available and supportable GENI network stitching service from here?


  • Organized workshop on stitiching
  • Did a demo
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