Milestone MAX: S3.a DRAGON Demonstration and outreach at GEC9

Completed 14 years ago (11/05/10 14:27:39)

  • Demonstrate MAX Aggregate Manager design, functions, and user interface. This will include a demonstration of how users can submit a request for a "GENI experiment topology" to the MAX GENI AM using a PlanetLab SFA based RSpec. The "GENI experiment topology" should include PlanetLab slices and dynamically provisioned network paths across the MAX network. This demonstration should also present the plans for transition of the current deployment to an operational GENI Aggregate.
  • This event should also be utilized for outreach to users with a focus on identification of users for the MAX Aggregate.

Status: We completed this milestone via our demonstration at GEC9. This demonstration showed how the PlanetLab SFI/SFA can be used to submit requests to the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) GENI Aggregate Manager (AM) for the purpose of dynamic instantiation of an experiment topology. The dynamically instantiated topologies were constructed from a diverse set of resources including PlanetLab slices, dynamically provisioned network paths across the MAX network, and dynamically provisioned network paths across ProtoGENI. Details on this demo and the associated MAX AM Functionality are available here:

This includes slides, the Demonstration Poster, and QuickTime movies of the provisioning steps required by a user to access these MAX AM services.

We also took advantage of the GEC9 to conduct outreach and coordination with users for the MAX GENI Substrate. This included planning sessions and discussions with the following groups:

  • GpENI Project, University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • ERM Project, Columbia University, Lightwave Research Laboratory
  • SPP Project, Washington University, St Louis, MO

We plan to follow up with these users to as part of future GENI experimentation activities.

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