Milestone MAX: S2.h DRAGON Aggregate Manager Enhancement Initial Implementation

Completed 12 years ago (03/31/10 16:35:56)


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Complete initial implementation of enhanced DRAGON Aggregate Manager. This initial implementation will focus on user interface and topology specification which combines compute and network resources into a common user request format.

Status: The MAX GENI Aggregate Manager has two key functional areas, these are:

  • Client Facing Service Interface: This is the implementation of the service interface as defined in milestones MAX.S2.i and MAX.S2.J. In this context the "client" is a clearinghouse, a slice manager, another aggregate manager, an experimenter/user or any entity which is requesting services directly from the MAX GENI Aggregate Manager. The main implementation task for this functional area was to build the service interface to handle client service requests and interact with the backend processing on behalf of these requests.
  • Backend Resource Manger Controller: This is the implementation of the backend processing and interfaces to interact, maintain states, and control other resource managers like PlanetLab MyPLC and DRAGON Network Provisioning system controllers.

At the time of our last status report we had implemented only the following services and associated backend processing: ListCapabilities, ListNodes. We have now completed the implementation of the client facing and backend processing for all the remainder of the services which are: ListSlices, CreateSliceVlan, DeleteSliceVlan, QuerySliceVlan, CreateSlice, DeleteSlice, QuerySlice, StartSlice, StopSlice, CreateSliceNetwork, DeleteSliceNetwork, QuerySliceNetwork and GetResourceTopology.

This new implementation work now allows users to use RSpec based slice operations to request and instantiate a topology which includes integrated compute and network resource provisioning.

Additional details regarding this implementation are available in the full 1 Q 2010 status report and on the project web site:

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