Milestone MAX: S2.d Common Control Framework Design

Completed 12 years ago (12/31/09 16:02:30)

Work with GENI community to develop an approach for a common control framework and/or other mechanisms to allow interoperation between GENI facilities. Develop initial documentation of this plan in sufficient detail for the various clusters to take implementation action for their respective control frameworks.

Status: We have made progress on the common control framework. This includes an agreement to set of rpecs based on the PlanetLab Control framework. This includes the MAX Aggregate Manager interface which is based on the PlanetLab GENI Control Framework and the GENIWrapper. As part of this we utilize the rspec (max.xml) which is included in the PlanetLab Slice Federation Architecture (SFA) repository. This defines how topologies consisting of PlanetLab slices interconnected by dynamically provisioned DRAGON dedicated network paths are specified. The PlanetLab and ProtoGeni clusters are both working with PlanetLab based control frameworks. It is expected this will result in a good amount of interoperation between the associated projects. There are still many details that have to be evaluated and considered to realize true interoperability between different substrates and aggregate managers. (See Dec'09 status report for more details)

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