Milestone MAX: S2.a NetFPGA Integration into DRAGON

Completed 15 years ago (12/31/09 16:18:21)

Complete the placement and configuration of the NetFPGA systems into the DRAGON network. This will include configuration and integration to allow use of the NetFPGA systems as end-systems connected to DRAGON provisioned network paths. This will not include integration into the general GENI slice/sliver provisioning system.

Status: The MAX GENI Substrate includes two high-end machines with NetFPGA ( cards. One machine is located at the University of Maryland lab at College Park campus, the other is at the USC/ISI East Facility in Arlington, Virginia. These host machines have Quad 3.0 GHZ Dual Core processors, 4 port Gigabit Ethernet NIC cards, and NetFPGA cards with another 4 Ethernet ports. They are now connected into the MAX GENI Substrate DRAGON Network components and are available for use and experimentation.

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