Milestone MAX: Extend DRAGON/GRMS

Completed 13 years ago (03/01/09 06:52:20)


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Extend DRAGON/GRMS as an aggregate manager to include optical and edge compute resources (completed by month 6)

  • Initially work to support such functionality end-to-end over VLANs
  • Explore the impacts of layer 2 VLAN handoffs from national backbones like

Internet2 to the MAX network infrastructure and how they can lead to supporting exploration at layer 1 optical level

work completed:
Multiple Aggregate Manager Integration (PlanetLab AM with DRAGON AM):

  • use PLCAPI XMLRPC to instantiate a planetlab slice across several nodes
    • adjusted polling interval on node manager:
    • create tagged VLAN interfaces on these planetlab nodes
  • provision a circuit (DRAGON slice) between HOUS/LOSA node and the "big" planetlab5 node at MAX
    • demonstrates:
      • dynamic circuits slice provisioning
      • integration of non-planetlab and planetlab prototype aggregation managers
      • inter-domain circuit creation over the wide-area network with a SONET-switched network
  • transfer data using nuttscp (as fast as possible)
  • run md5sum to show that data is valid
  • provision circuits between planetlab nodes to distribute the data:
    • src planetlab5, dst planetlab2
    • src planetlab5, dst planetlab3
    • src planetlab5, dst planetlab4
  • transfer data between these pairs of nodes
  • run md5sum to show that data is valid
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