Milestone INSTOOLS: S2.b Contribute Instrumentation Tools project software

Completed 14 years ago (05/15/10 14:10:48)


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Contribute Instrumentation Tools project software that has been integrated and tested in the ProtoGENI cluster to GENI Software Integration Release 1. Instrumentation Tools project software in this release will mainly cover functions developed and integrated in Spiral 1. (Software directly contributed to the ProtoGENI clearinghouse will be released by the ProtoGENI project.) Project software for GENI Software Integration Release 1 should be identified as a package (for example with a repository release tag), and should include the appropriate GENI IP license, release documentation, installation documentation and/or tools, and specific identifying information (e.g. release numbers) for any other software that is part of the integrated Instrumentation Tools environment (for example, operating system releases). (December 15)

Status: Software tested by Luisa and in GIR 2.1.

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