Milestone IMF: S3.e Demonstration at GEC11 and Experimenter Outreach

13 years late (07/31/11 00:00:00)


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  • Using existing driving case (IMF Year 1 experiment), integrate pS MP polling into IMF and demonstrate.
  • Create standard OS images that include IMF with pS integration deployable on ORCA (Eucalyptus) and ProtoGENI.
  • If a standard interface for managing measurement points from within the slice becomes available from perfSonar, demonstrate capability to manage measurement capabilities (e.g. modify frequency of measurements) from within the slice (from SILO).
  • Identify one or several networking researchers currently not funded by GPO whose research relates to cross-layer operation and could benefit from the experimental capabilities produced by the IMF project, and invite them to attend and possibly speak at GECs, with approval and coordination by GPO.
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