Milestone IMF: S2.a Initial architecture-

Completed 13 years ago (02/11/10 18:39:36)


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Develop and document an initial architectural view of all the components required in this project to realize cross-layer experiments using SILO, consistent with the Cluster D roadmap, identifying and defining at the data‐model level all new interfaces that will come to exist, identifying which of these will require new protocols to realize, and identifying what existing protocols (or planned to be developed in some other projects) will be leveraged, and review with other projects at GEC. (11/16/09, GEC6)

Changed to 01/20/10, per note from Rudra Dutta on 1/6/10;

"As you probably know, all this time our SRO has been negotiating language on the contract, so the contract never got signed. As of Dec 23rd, I understand that they have reached an agreement with BBN on how it should read. It is ready to be signed.

There is one hitch - one of the milestones was due on Nov 16 i.e. GEC6, and it can no longer read that way in the contract. In reality, as you know, we have been working on it and one PI and one student attended GEC6, and made the presentation. But for the purpose of the language of the contract, we have to change it to something after the start date of the contract, which we need to agree on.

Since it has very little reality, I propose we use some arbitrary date. I suggest Jan 20th, 2010."

And approved by Henry Yeh on 1/6/10

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