Milestone Hive: S4.b Security Experimentation & Hive Mind based monitoring

Completed 8 years ago (03/15/12 07:42:33)

  • Demonstrate how the Hive Mind based monitoring system can be used to collect information on an experiment's environment. This demo will collect more information about the environment than the GEC12 demo.
  • Plan for making information about the environment available to experimenters/others though a portal such as the one being developed by NICTA.
  • Organize and lead a workshop/session on security experiments in GENI. Topics to be covered include: (i) Classes of security experiments that can be supported on GENI, (ii) New classes of security experiments enabled by GENI, (iii) New policies (in addition to the GENI acceptable use policy) or modifications to policies needed for security experiments, (iv) If and how GENI Operations should be involved with security experiments, etc
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