Milestone GENICLOUD S2.c Demonstration at GEC8

Completed 11 years ago (07/23/10 16:44:29)

Demonstrate the ability to configure slices on multiple Eucalyptus clusters using a basic GUI as well as the SFA command-line tool. The Eucalyptus Aggregate Manager will support both the light and full federation models. The Eucalyptus RSpec will be extended to enable the user to specify the disk image to load on a particular sliver and the virtual networking mode to use. The Aggregate Manager will be deployed on the HP Labs and UIUC Eucalyptus clusters. Deliver the software used at the demo along with documentation (e.g. a wiki page).

Status: Demonstrated a transcoding service, running on multiple Cloud clusters, with access and switching to the component clusters controlled by an OpenFlow network. A user’s request is mapped to the appropriate cluster through a combination of requested service, bandwidth required, and latency to the cluster. This demonstration showed a GENI-compatible Cloud controller, and the seamless integration of multiple cluster resources.

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