Milestone ExptsSec: S3.a Report on results of experiments designed in Yr. 1

Completed 13 years ago (12/31/10 18:19:34)

  • Run and report initial experiments designed in Milestone #4 of Year1 on ProtoGENI/Emulab wireless nodes with integrations to the wired ProtoGENI nodes.
  • Extend the scope to study GENI Spiral 2 results and consider the following possible areas for new experiments: Repeating (and maybe refining) some of the previous experiments; crossing multiple aggregates; -dentifying potential new security vulnerabilities following up the S2 results.
  • Develop revised experimentation plans to validate/exploit potential vulnerabilities. Interact with the ProtoGENI team to get feedback on the experiment plans. Deliver software/scripts/documentation needed to repeat experimentation.

Status: Report attached.

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