Milestone ERM: S3.c Demonstration at GEC10 and Experimenter Outreach

Completed 13 years ago (03/15/11 14:12:24)

  • Design and develop a robust, universally deployable version of the UMF (called the ERM Box) consisting of:
  1. A suite of software and NetFPGA code to expand the optical layer measurement capabilities
  2. A set of active optical components (SOAs, VOAs, etc) to enable cross-layer control

The design of this box will integrate the needs and requirements of current GENI infrastructures, instrumentation/measurement platforms, our primary plan is to integrate with PerfSONAR.

  • Present the detailed design of the ERM box in a poster and present a demo that showcases correct functionality of a fully-built ERM box.
  • Develop simulation environment with networking model incorporating the ERM Box and cross-layer measurement capabilities enabling experimental modeling in large scale networks.
  • Present the networking model used to simulate the incorporation of the ERM Box into a large scale network. Present the simulation results.
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